Don’t Fumble on The Five Yard Line


of care for

older adults outside of nursing homes is paid by family members. Are you someone’s family member?


per month is

our nation’s average cost for a private room in a nursing home in 2016. A semi-private room’s average cost is $7,148 per month. So, an extra $85,776 – $97,452 annually.


reason that

people outlive their money is paying for unplanned long-term care. Without a proper plan in place, it’s heartbreaking to lose what you saved.

Case studies


Bob is a 73-year-old, recently widowed, retired business owner. His kids live out-of-town, but he still cares deeply about living in his own home. Will he be able to stay if he needs care?

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Tim & Patty

Tim is 68, Patty is 63. They’re newly-retired, regularly active and very healthy (go Tim and Pat!), but they’re wondering — what happens when someone needs care down the road?

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Mary is enjoying early retirement. Her only son lives out of town, so she’s got concerns. What options would she have for long-term care?

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